Monday 9 September 2013

August 2013 'Grapplethon 2' in Brea, CA, USA

Event Report #4, by Monta Wiley, from the Brea GrappleThon (Grapplethon 2) Supporting Frank's Fight

Giving and receiving are frequent sensations a practitioner will experience being involved in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Employing the technique of giving, August 24th marked a monumental day for the Jiu-jitsu community in Southern California. Unifying together for a charitable rally, Grapplethon 2 unveiled the true power of the strong support system that exists in our community, through the event’s efforts in aiding cancer battling contender Frank Edge.

Hosted at Dan Lukehart’s Brea Jiu-jitsu academy, the event brought together over 67 grapplers from various schools such as Atos JJ, Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu and Gracie Barra, amongst other well established jiu-jitsu teams.

With gathered proceeds aimed toward assisting Edge, Grapplethon 2 featured a three hour fun-filled extravaganza. This included nonstop training, raffle prizes and an insane 180 minute charity challenge. Most importantly, it exposed the unique camaraderie that exists in the Southern California BJJ community.

“It was truly a pleasure to host Grapplethon 2,” said event host Dan Lukehart. "The Grapplethon concept fits well with our gym’s philosophy and we want to support any attempt to bring the jiu-jitsu community together, particularly for such a great cause. Seeing so many people rally for somebody most had never met really shows how tightly knit our community is.”

The event’s humbling and friendly atmosphere could be felt once anyone walked into the room. In the midst of the great training, along with the participants’ selfless commitment and care for one Frank Edge, many Grapplethon-ers walked away with not only a memorable experience, but also an increase of growth in their own progression along their grappling journey through the various interactions they came across that day.

“This was my first chance to attend a Grapplethon. I can say it won't be my last,” said 52 year old white belt Matt Grant. "I would be lying if I said I was not worried that someone was going to try to work me over, or that I would just be ignored once I got there. When the rolling started, people came up to me and invited me to roll. They asked me if there was anything specific I wanted to work on and rolled to my level. I ended up rolling about 12 times. Even though I felt the pain the next day, I felt that everyone was there for the purpose of helping Frank.”

“It was awesome training with other BJJ practitioners from other schools, getting ourselves better and knowing at the same time we are doing this for charity as well,” recalled University of Jiu-Jitsu purple belt Waseam Dannoui.

With charity profits generating $2,745, it’s safe to say 'Grapplethon 2' was a remarkable success. The dynamic presentation and atmosphere displayed on the mats at Brea Jiu-jitsu exhibited the characteristics of the kindness and unification amongst grapplers when responding to someone trapped in a dire situation.

Looking onward, event organizer Monta Wiley looks to continue the Grapplethon charity tradition, which aspires to make a positive difference in many people lives.

“What I have learned from organizing these Grapplethon events is the concept of giving,” said Wiley. "The work of helping someone through these events must be done for the work and work alone. The primary goal centers on bringing some light to dark circumstances, like those Frank Edge is currently experiencing.”

For more information on Frank Edge or donation inquires, visit Frank’s Fight Facebook Page and Frank’s Fight.

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