Monday 5 August 2013

Updates August 2013

It's been a while since an update, so I thought I'd put up another one. Weekly is probably too often, but I want there to be some kind of content on here at least once a month, preferably more ( is updated much more regularly, but that's easy as I always train several times a week). Things will pick up whenever there are GrappleThons to promote: I am actively looking out for them as well (please contact me if you know of any events), which is why I've been in discussion with four people since my last post about GrappleThons past and present.

One of those four is in the planning stages for a GrappleThon later this year. I'll put up the full details when that's all confirmed: like the Bakersfield GrappleThon (Jill's report on that here), this GrappleThon will also be in support of the Network for Victim Recovery of DC. Monta Wiley is running one on the 28th August at Brea Jiu Jitsu: the event page is here. The fourth event is due to take place in the country where it all started, Canada: I'm waiting on further information, which I'll be posting on the GrappleThon Facebook and Events pages as soon as I have it.

During my trip to California, I was able to speak with Caleb on the Fightworks Podcast about the whole GrappleThon idea: you can check out that interview here, starting at about 35 minutes in. More recently, I wrote an article for GiFreak Magazine summarising the numerous charity efforts in BJJ. That's part of the inaugural issue here, currently available for free. I was also pleased to see the excellent give the Bristol GrappleThon a mention here.

I'm continuing to look at ways to expand the GrappleThon internet presence. There's this website, the Facebook group, a Twitter account and the occasional bits I write on, which have now been joined by Instagram and Pinterest. If you're on either of those, let me know. :)

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