Tuesday 21 November 2017

Setting up a Tap Cancer Out fundraising page

For 2018, the Artemis BJJ GrappleThon will be in support of Tap Cancer Out. It begins at 14:00 on World Cancer Day, Saturday 3rd February 2018, running through to 14:00 on the Sunday. The process of setting up a fundraising page on the Tap Cancer Out platform (powered by classy.org) is simple:

1. Select 'Become a Fundraiser'

2. Set your target (it defaults to dollars, so you change to GBP for £s if you like)

3. Log in with either Facebook or set up an account (you'll need an email address, then create a password)

4. Choose your profile pic

And that's it! You can further customise your page after that, which I'd recommend, but your page is ready to go after just four steps. The main thing I'd suggest modifying if the story, providing more details about the event. If you'd like an example, this is what I wrote on my page:

On World Cancer Day 2018 (4th February 2018), Artemis BJJ will be hosting another 24hr GrappleThon at MYGYM Bristol. We'll be rolling continuously from 14:00 on Saturday 3rd February through to 14:00 on the Sunday, raising funds for the good people at Tap Cancer Out. All the info you need is on our website:


Come and join us! Everybody is welcome, from complete beginners to seasoned veterans. :)

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